About Us

Absolute Quartz Crystals was founded by Jimmy Crabb 2004.

I had worked with minerals and crystals for many years with Nick May, one of the biggest mineral wholesalers in South Africa and created one of the most successful mineral and crystal websites in the world while I was with them.

It was quite a learning curve – the first version of the website was as bad as any mid 90’s website (anybody remember comic sans and the <blink> tag? :-)) but the site improved along with my web development skills and we soon transitioned from a brick and mortar company to an exclusively online business.

After they relocated to a sleepy seaside town in around 2001, I soon realized that I am just not a small town boy!

I moved back to Johannesburg and started my own website peddling rocks on the internet and roped in my parents to help me. All was well until the big international financial crisis of the late 2000’s when hardly anybody was buying rocks and crystals and so I put my web development and internet marketing skills in the corporate world. While it kept the lights on and food on the table, I just hated it! I still do!

So I decide to start fresh in late 2015 and get my old website back up online. Starting small, the plan is to run this site as a hobby for a while as I rebuild my contacts with the various mines and suppliers so that I can go back to doing what I love as a full time income.