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Hang on – why would anybody simply give these beautiful crystals away for free?

It’s simple really. After years of selling literally tonnes of these crystals, I have a LOT lying around. I get them directly from the mines here in South Africa and I mostly sell large batches of several kilograms at a time and I am hoping that after you add your freebie to your shopping cart that you will be tempted to add another crystal or 2 to your order – but it’s not compulsory :-).

Is it really 100% free?
Yes, the crystal is 100% free, you just pay for the nominal shipping fee. While I can afford to give some of my crystals away for free, I can’t afford to pay the shipping for everybody as well. The post office charges me, just like everybody else, for every package I send.

Ok, so how much is the shipping?
I really don’t know. It depends on where in the world that you are. It’s calculated in real time via the API direct from the post office in South African currency and converted to US$ or other currency at the prevailing international exchange rate, so it will be slightly different for everybody.

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