Dark purple Spirit Quartz crystals!

Great news! Not only am I running a huge 25% off all crystals pre-BlackFriday sale (just use “B4BF” as your electronic discount code) but you are going to LOVE the crystals I have managed to get my hands on!

One of the Spirit Quartz miners struck it lucky and hit a pocket of the most gorgeous deep purple amethyst crystals and I was in the right place at the right time and bought up the lot!

Dark purple crystals from this location have been near impossible to get hold of for many years but these are the BEST color I have ever seen! Take a look at https://www.absolutequartzcrystals.com to see what I mean and then grab one or 2 before they are all gone. It’s impossible to say when or even if crystals of this quality will ever be found again!

Want a flat or 2 for wholesale? I’ve got you covered 🙂 Take a look at https://www.absolutequartzcrystals.com/product-category/wholesale-crystals/ – there are loads of new flats are available at the best wholesale prices on the internet – and yes, your discount code “B4BF” is valid on the wholesale pages too!








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