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Hey everybody – I just did a short video on my shop page at explaining how we calculate shipping and here’s a summary..

Please note that prices are calculated in South African currency and then converted to dollars or euros or what ever, so they will fluctaute along with the international exchange rates, as such, the prices quoted below are just estimates.

EDIT – these calculations are based on countries in Zone6 which includes Canada and the USA and will vary greatly for other countries.

POST OFFICE airmail shipping is about $13.20 per parcel, plus $2.15 per 100 grams or part thereof.

POST OFFICE surface mail shipping $13.20 per parcel, plus $0.45 per 100 grams or part thereof. We DO NOT recommend using surface mail! It will take AT LEAST 3 months to arrive and substantially longer in some cases!

DHL express (my e-commerce account that plugs directly into my websites) is about $42 for anything up to 2kgs and increases by about $12 for every additional 500g, but that amount per 500g increases the heavier the order gets.

At around 6 or 7 kilograms it becomes cheaper to switch to using my DHL express bulk account, but this is only possible if you are building a stock pile with us and I can do the calculations manually for you.

The best method of shipping to get the best combination of speed and price, is to collect your order from customs at your nearest international clearing airport (not all international airports are clearing airports so please check).

This varies from airport to airport but is generally around $250 for anything up to 40 or 50 kgs.

OK – so for a hypotheical order of 20 kgs (44 lbs) the options would break down like this…..

$120 via surface mail.
$440 via airmail
$551 via my ecommerce DHL account
$337 via my bulk DHL account
$250ish if you collect from the airport

… and that is why I encourage people to build a stock pile with us over a period of time. If I do the calculations manually, I can figure out what the cheapest and best option would be in every individual case.

If you haven’t already started, just use “airship” as a coupon code on my websites when you checkout. This will generate a “free” shipping option for you so that you can just pay for your crystals as you go along and I will calculate the shipping for you, when you are ready for us to pack and send.

AND THAT ladies and gentlemen is why I hate the question, “so how much is shipping to xyz?

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